UK CitySlicker Sam: Christmas Parties at Trinity


Here is the coverage of countless convivial college-wide Christmas celebrations. Hence the antlers and tinsel.

Credits: bertie

Name: Samuel Fletcher
Age: 19
University: Trinity College
City/Country: Oxford, UK

So it’s the 14th of November and the inhabitants of Staircase 4 at Trinity are busy getting tangled in 120 meters of tinsel, trying to assemble a (miniature) tree, and being deafened by “A Fairytale of New York”. That’s right, we’re getting ready for Oxmas – an excuse for parties of epic proportions.

Because terms are so short, Christmas gets moved forward a month so we don’t miss out on any of the festive cheer. Any excuse to procrastinate and you can guarantee that we’ll be there, so everyone on 4 helped get ready for the first Christmas party of the year: Christmas CDs were put on repeat; decorations festooned the whole building; and teams of people were mulling wine, mincing pies, and christmas-ing cakes. There was no limit to the creative-decorating-on-a-budget, and poundland’s best customers even managed to cover walls in reindeer/santa/elf wrapping paper for extra festive cheer.

Credits: bertie

All 80 of us in our year turned up so the evening was obviously a success, and after picking the secret santa the party moved out to a 50s/swing/generally retro night at The Cellar – the night has subsequently been heralded as one of the best nights out all term.

Credits: bertie

Not wanting to be outdone, Staircase 18 tried to rival our party by hosting a Christmas dinner, and I hate to admit it but it was actually rather good. Turkeys were cooked with all the trimmings, the wine and festive cheer was flowing, and the rival staircases locked antlers over musical chairs – 4 triumphed over 18 in the final round and were crowned with a cracker hat and tinsel. There was even turkey left for sandwiches the next day, and although everyone was fed and watered until they were fit to burst at both events, we were still eating and drinking leftovers for the remaining fortnight of term time.

Credits: bertie

Wishing you all the best for Christmas and the New Year!

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