The Essen Taste of Lomography: LomoFood Competition


Essen, A taste Magazine, sits down the table with Lomography again. While sipping hot tea and tasting delicious pastries, guess what we’ve managed to come up with?

Photo by Elisa Magnini for Essen with the LC-A

There is no use in denying it. Food is an essential part of our daily life and culture.

We worship it in any form, color, dish, and taste. Starting from appetizers, the roast recipes from our grandmothers and aunts, all the way down to the ones we invented just so that we won’t have an empty stomach.

Essen I A taste Magazine, inspired by the beauty of food, proposed itself as one of the first online magazines that is able to delve across the culinary world, not only sharing interesting recipes, but also exploring the absolute aesthetics.

All over the world, food is the main ingredient of every culture, able to unite and identify people. This is also shown in the huge amount of pictures that immortalize food in every form and aspect from our Lomographic archive or anywhere in the world.

Get inspired by these shots

Now, what we want is just to see you in the kitchen!
Choose anything yummy to shot. It could be a simple table set, your most successful creams Brulè ever, the turkey you’ve cooked for Thanksgiving, or the makings of your favourite dish. Basically, we want to know all the aspects of food through your photos.

Get inspired by these shots
  • Film/Camera Type: Any analogue photo not digitally enhanced or manipulated.
  • Upload limit: 5 photos.
  • Minimum Photo Dimensions: Submissions must be at least 768px in either width or height.
  • Meta data must be completed (camera, film, location & 3 tags)


Plus, Essen I A taste Magazine will dedicate a photo shoot to all the photographers and images selected.

Essen I A taste Magazine and Lomography are already frothing at the mouth with anticipation, so wherever you are and whatever is your culinary tradition, run to the kitchen and make us starve with your pictures.

Let’s start the LomoCooking!

written by biri on 2011-12-05 #news #food #competition #camera #lomography #essen #taste
translated by biri


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    So what is next?

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    Good news! We will be using the photos you uploaded for this competition for an exclusive exhibition that will be hosted at Triennale Milano (Italy) from June 26th to July 22nd. If you don’t want this to happen, please drop me a private message on my lomohome: @stea. Thank you…and keep on shooting!

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    @stea SUPER! THANKS! :).

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    @stea thanks, Pass me the link of the Triennale ;)

  25. littlekoala
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    no problem @stea but I´d like to see some pictures from the exhibition :)

  26. cutebun
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    Thank you @stea !

  27. stratski
    stratski ·

    Cool, thanks! @stea

  28. stea
    stea ·

    @littlekoala sure, we will post an article to show you the exhibition!
    @eugenia here's the link of the Triennale: - still no news about the exhibit, cause it's going to start in 10 days ;)

  29. gionnired
    gionnired ·

    @stea Great!! But I don't remember which photos I uploaded:) I'll find out at the exhibition ahahah

  30. goonies
    goonies ·

    @stea i'm very happy because the pop is love

  31. laurasulilly
    laurasulilly ·

    ah, cool, thank! @stea: it must have taken ages to copy and paste all these names, looks like it's every person in there who submitted a picture :)

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    @stea wooohooo!! really great, thank you ! *happyday*

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    @stea Cool!! will all the photos be exhibited or just a selection? :)

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    Awesome. Thank you. Looks like it will be a cool exhibit!

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    @stea wow,thx.. yeah go for it.. its my pleasure

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    @stea yeah super cool! i can not remember that i participated, or what i uploaded, but is there any way we can see some of the exhibition, because i doubt that i'll make it to milan soon!

  41. ihave2pillows
    ihave2pillows ·

    @stea Oh cool. Awesome!!!!!! lol Best of luck with the exhibition!

  42. ghidini
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    cool! which photo is it?

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    i do not even knew that I submitted something to this competition ..? :D

  44. egor_post
    egor_post ·

    @stea, thank you! it's great! :) do you need this photos in higher resolution?

  45. stea
    stea ·

    @egor_post: no no, they're gonna print them 9x13 cm, so this resolution is also fine :)

  46. mirthejasmijn
    mirthejasmijn ·

    @stea That's great, I'm looking forward to the article about the exhibition!

  47. insidetheeyes
    insidetheeyes ·

    @stea Buono! Anche io aspetto con gli altri le foto dell'evento...

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  52. claudia_guariglia
    claudia_guariglia ·

    Bello! :D Peccato non essere di Milano, dubito di poter passare... aspetto le foto, ovviamente!

  53. saidseni
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    Cool, @stea, thank you! One more picture traveling without me... ;)

  54. zipper
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    @stea, thank you very much! I am looking forward to read the article and see the pictures of the exhibition!!

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  58. stea
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    Here you go guys, the article and first shots of the exhibition:…
    Enjoy! :)

  59. uptv
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    I've found my photo on the exhibition shots. I'm happy! Thank you, @stea!

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