Circus Performers From the 40’s and 50’s


It’s always fun to see the costumes and performances of those who work in a travelling circus. Let’s take a look at some photos of circus performers from the 40’s and 50’s.

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A circus consists of a group of travelling entertainers who perform for the public. The performers may include clowns, acrobats, jugglers and other unique death-defying acts to wow the audiences who pay to see them. Circuses have been around since the ancient times. It is said that the first circus, Circus Maximus, originated in ancient Rome. It was a racing event for chariots that was held in a stadium in Italy. Our contemporary concept of a circus — that with acrobatic and stunt acts — wasn’t around until the 18th century.

John Bill Ricketts was responsible for bringing the circus to the United States. He began his career in theatre in London back in the 1780’s and in 1792, he was able to launch the first circus in Philadephia. Circus performers make it a point to wear colourful and lively costumes to attract and entertain the audience. They wear colorful ribbons, feathers, flowers, and other attention-grabbing accessories that make them more interesting to look at. These also add to their amazing performances. It gave the audience a sense of adventure that they otherwise would never experience anywhere else.

Here are some photos of circus performers from the 40’s and 50’s. Let’s take a look at their costumes from decades ago:

Photos via Retronaut

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