Gizmodo Talks About Film Photography

Consumer electronics weblog Gizmodo mentions Lomography and talks about film and how more and more people are getting into the analogue lifestyle. Read more after the jump…

Screenshot via Gizmodo

While most of us have witnessed the role-reversal of analogue and digital where the latter has been the standard in these modern times, some of us are introducing and/or re-introducing ourselves to analogue technology. According to tech blog Gizmodo, stores have reported increase on film processing. This means that the market for film photography is increasing as well, and it’s making a bigger comeback. This is great news!

Gizmodo also had a few words with Lomography’s Sally Bibawy and talked about how more and more people are being attracted to film photography. It’s nice to see that amateurs, hobbyists, hipsters, and even professionals, are discovering (or rediscovering) the roots of photography. And good thing Lomography and all the other analogue/film projects are here to cater to their needs and curiosities.

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