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Language learners – how great are dual language books? Did you ever think of the Lomography Magazine as a similar language learning resource? Well, all translations are direct translations of the original article and it would be perfect to lay them side by side to practice!

Whether you are learning a language on your own or taking classes and need extra practice texts, dual language books or articles are good resources. Books often come with good translations and feature popular texts such as well known poems but cost money. As for magazine articles, depending on the magazine, they might either be too dense or too simple, offering only one level.

The Lomography Magazine has an array of topics, so language learners never fear getting bored! Also, there’s no need to play ‘Goldilocks’ here as our articles cater to all, from beginners to advanced level learners, as they range from lengthier News articles to the often short and sweet Competition announcements which follow an easy to follow, standard format.

One of Countless Examples!

Using poems as an example, as they are among the more difficult texts to translate accurately, here is an original article, in which a poem is featured in English, and its Spanish translation!

I Love Analogue
Amo lo analógico

We hope you are motivated and do well in whichever language you are learning or are seeking to learn! Who knows, you could improve so much that you’ll be able to translate the articles you love reading on our website!

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  1. pomps
    pomps ·

    that´s one of the things I appreciate here, the oportunity to read different languages!

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