Baguio City, My Christmas City

The Christmas season is here! Here in Manila, the metro can get very stressful. Heavy traffic is expected around the mall, bazaars, and flea market areas. Also, these places could get very crowded during this season.

With the hustle and bustle of the metro, one would think of just getting away from it all. And that’s just what I am planning, to go really far away. With every Christmas season, my family and I never missed the chance to visit one of the Philippines’ vacation capitals, Baguio City. Although it gets quite cold in Manila by the time December comes, Baguio, they say, is always cooler by at least 8 degrees. Just enough to really feel that sort of white Christmas atmosphere. That would be just a nice way yo spend a Christmas vacation. And that 205 km or around 6-hour drive would not really matter when you get there.

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There are a lot of activities that await you in Baguio, there’s the ever popular boat ride in Burnham park, horse-back riding in Wright Park although it’s nicer to do that in Camp John Hay, a visit to the strawberry farm would be on the list, and so on and so forth. But for me and my wife, walking along Session Road is enough. Session Road is the main street in downtown Baguio, is a kilometer long, if you walk both sides of the street, but there’s a lot going on in that street that it would at least take you hours just to go around or check out those interesting places along Session Road. Different cafes and diners sit along Session Road, the best place to visit are those old noodle houses, eating or just sitting inside them takes me back to my younger years, when I go there for a vacation with my parents and family. Nostalgic in a way. A visit to local bakeshops is also top on our list. Of course, a Session Road stroll won’t be complete without having a cup of local coffee.

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Baguio City is not just about the tourist destinations around it. But also the ambiance it offers especially during the Christmas season. The smell of pine trees, the foggy atmosphere, the site of those mountain ranges…just the feel of it. I mean when you’re here, you tend to forget all your stress from work and all other activities in the metro. So given a chance this Christmas vacation, I would love to spend it here again in Baguio City.

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