Art and Culture in the Streets of Rio


People say art can be everywhere…and in fact, it is!

Walking through the streets of Rio de Janeiro we can find all types of street intervention. This kind of art can bring life to a boring part of town or to a piece of construction. Nonetheless, the life span of these interventions can be very short because of many reasons (rain, street cleaning, repainting, demolition). That’s why I like to photograph them because like that because we get to save part of its memory.

Graffiti and posters are present in all the big cities of the world and Rio de Janeiro couldn’t be any different. Here you can find paintings and graffiti expressing the life of the poor as a way of expression but also small pieces that just brighten our days.

written by maymosciaro on 2011-12-06 #places #art #culture #street #graffiti #rio-de-janeiro #location #art-and-culture


  1. eastcoast
    eastcoast ·

    all i can think of is the movie city of god lol

  2. andpoto501
    andpoto501 ·

    yo creo que las intervenciones callejeras siempre son buenas

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