Urban Adventure in Holbeck and Beeston

A few weeks ago, I joined a couple of photo clubs who were taking photos of the areas Holbeck and Beeston in South Leeds – here are the pictures from that morning.

Credits: kneehigh85

Holbeck and Beeston are two adjoining areas south of Leeds city centre containing some industrial areas and quite a bit of housing. The areas have been hit pretty hard by the recession and don’t have the best reputation in the world so I was a bit apprehensive about going there with some enthusiastic folk from the area and trying to “capture it in a positive light” as was the brief given by the photo group I was with.

Some photos in Beeston showing the effects of the recession

Starting at a community centre, we met with the other people and took off on a walk down to Holbeck, snapping all the way. We joined the groups – Leeds Photo Hunt, Exposure Leeds and some gentlemen who run the Voice of Holbeck blog. This was a really nice event to be a part of and we gained access to some interesting areas and buildings I have never seen before. I would highly recommend going on a photowalk like this, and don’t be put off if you are the only analogue fan there (I was!). It gives you a great chance to photograph things you might normally miss, I had not even considered going snapping in these areas prior to this event. I am not sure I exactly fulfilled the brief we’d been given, and some of my photos show the area as it really is, but I like this and I think better to appreciate an area as it is, than to try and dress it up as something it is not. I personally really like the gritty nature of these areas.

Credits: kneehigh85

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