La Sardina El Capitan Spotted on the Telegraph

I just spotted one of the recent Lomography sensations: the La Sardina El Capitan on the cover of the online Technology News magazine the Telegraph. Read more…

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In the article, Shane Richmond gives a brief history and the philosophy of the beginning of Lomography. What he also said about Lomography: “The company began producing other cameras, including another reproduction, this time of the 1960s Diana camera. Other models allowed multiple exposures or offered fish-eye lenses. Lomography makes pinhole cameras, cameras that spin around to produce a panorama and others that take photos exposing the ‘sprockets’ of the film.” And are we (lomographers) are glad Lomography has done so much in so little time. Mr. Richmond goes on to say: “The latest camera, La Sardina, is a quirky model with a wide-angle lens and a design based on a sardine tin. There are four brightly-coloured models.”

It’s a plastic camera, and that, combined with its looks, give the feel of a child’s toy. It’s not suitable for children, of course, not least because they won’t understand why it doesn’t have an LCD screen on the back. It does a great job of conveying the sense of fun that Lomography represents. Lomography is still growing, even while digital photography booms, and the company is opening more shops and has now opened labs to develop its own photos.

Here is the link to the article

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