Colors of Lomography: Our First Try!

I definitely fell in love with the “colors” section of the Lomography website. I love choosing “my favourite color” and watch all these pictures that seemed painted with it.

One day, while I was browsing through the hex section of the Lomography website and looking my favourite color, my little cousin, Gigliola, came in my room.

“Do you want to play a game?”, I asked her. She answered “Yes!” So, I asked her to choose a color, and then to pick her favourite picture with that color. Here’s our collection!

Credits: fafascinado, nural, brommi, squamy, littlefrenchie, style_tong, ccwu, kneehigh85, stouf, jennson, blueskyandhardrock, werriston, scarecrowindisguise, troch, moulinmae, voltornist, violet_rayy, mariaratfingers, jbrown363, novakmisi, sye & srmarcus

Curious about the names of the colors for the photos above? Click any of the names in this list to see more photos featuring these beautiful shades!

We Peep
Bright Turquoise
Bird Flower
Bon Jour
Dark Fern
Midnight Moss
Hollywood Cerise
Cod Gray
Mule Fawn
Carrot Orange
Jungle Mist
Desert Storm

This was our first try, but we’ll surely come back with a theme color selection!

written by attelid on 2011-12-11 #lifestyle #color #colors #photos #lomography #first #selection #first-try #analogue-lifestyle #hex


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