Kasturi Walk Central Market

The Kasturi Walk was officially launched in February 2011. It is a lane (now a covered walkway) right next to the Kuala Lumpur Central Market. Kasturi Walk features three pewter-coated polycarbonate giant wau bulan (The Malay kite) stand as a symbol of Malay heritage, in order to retain and promote culture in this area.

Kasturi Walk

The 112-meter stretch is located just outside of the historical handicraft center of the Central Market, which is already a tourism spot for those wanting to shop for traditional Malaysian crafts. With this new and comfortable sidewalk and a major renovation done to its main building of the Central Market, shoppers will definitely be satisfied for what they bargain for.

The giant stand at the entrance

The Kasturi Walk displays a themed entrance with a 9-meter high traditional kite that can be seen from a distance. The metal kite or “wau” as it’s called locally, signifies the Malay tradition and culture originating from the east coast of the country. There are over 50 wooden kiosks with coconut leaves spreading on its roof to enhance the feeling of being in a village as you walk along the stretch. Good quality and highly-crafted products are displayed and sold in each kiosk for shoppers to buy at a bargain. Look out for several kiosks which sell traditional Malaysian mouthwatering sweets, traditional food and drinks like the rojak and cendul. There are food kiosks where you can just sit and enjoy the food while admiring the colourful and well-preserved pre-war buildings that are also along the stretch.

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Of course, if you would rather shop in an air-conditioning atmosphere, just step into the Central Market. More crafts can be seen there and food outlets are plenty as well. With the renovation works done in the building, it’s cozy shopping all the way. Look for traditional souvenirs, they are cheap and of high quality. I’m pretty sure that you would be able to find what you want for souvenirs.

Malaysian flag – Jalur Gemilang in the Central Market
Group picture time!:)
The Malay Wau

Central Market was a wet market in the late 1800s and was refurbished several times up to now. In the 60s, 70s and early 80s, this former wet market was the most popular market among families in Kuala Lumpur.

Fusion of Malay and Chinese

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