Redscaled Lucky Super 200: I'm Lucky I Got to Try It!


Lucky Super 200 is a great color negative film that produces photos with interesting and dreamy colors, both when loaded the normal way and surprisingly, the other way around.

It was a Friday night when instead of going out I’ve decided to just stay at home, experiment, and do some things I’ve never done before; one of which is to actually create my own redscale film.

I immediately put out all the materials needed: a pair of scissors, a roll of scotch tape, an empty canister, and of course, a roll of 35mm color negative film I bought for only PHP 40.00 (less than a dollar). I just took out all the film from its canister, reversed it, taped it onto another one, and rolled it all the way to the other canister in complete darkness. And voila! I have my own redscale film!

The next day, I went to try and test the film for myself and loaded it in my three month old Vivitar UWS. It rained pretty hard during that day and I thought my whole roll would get underexposed or worse, turn out blank, as most redscale films need a lot of sunlight. So, I was surprised when I got only a few underexposed photos (Yay, lucky me!). I must say, I liked how most of my photos turned out yellow-ish as it’s one of my favorite colors. It also gave my photos this dreamy feel I’ve always wanted to get. Just take a look at those clouds! Ahhh! I’m loving this film so far!

So now’s the time for you to experiment and redscale your own Lucky Super 200 film that will surely make you feel lucky and happy at the same time without having to spend much.

written by kathleenmendoza on 2011-12-15 #gear #35mm #review #redscale #vivitar-uws #lomography #diy-redscale #lucky-super-200 #user-review

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