When I was Little: My Tradition Every Christmas

Every Christmas Eve, we have dinner with the whole family. In the morning of December 25th, my father would take photos of my brother and I with our gifts.

Christmas Eve is about dressing up nicely and having a great dinner. My grandmother and my mom used to make some Hallacas and also some pork or chicken for my brother and I (we don’t like hallacas). The whole preparation for dinner would take us about one day and a half. We would make some baked platanos, chicken salad (yummy) and, of course, it’s not Christmas dinner without pan de jamón!

My first Christmas was very lovely (as far as I can see in the pictures). Once I got some presents, it’s usually the time when the “traditional picture taking” begins. My dad always had his camera around his neck, so he always takes Christmas photos of us. He photographs my mom, the two of us (with the help of another person, like my uncle, for example), and in the morning of Christmas, he will begin taking pictures of me (because I’m the oldest child) and my presents!

Credits: le_ors

When my brother came to join us, my dad just kept that tradition, so here we are, dressed properly for the occasion, standing in front of the tree for picture time! These pictures must be from 1995 or 1996 (no one can recall proper dates).

Credits: le_ors

When we wake up in the morning, it’s time to open the gifts! We always run to the tree and see what gifts were for each of us, even if we were still very sleepy. As we open our presents (always trying to keep the paper without messing it up) my dad will take out his camera for another picture-taking session. We used to arrange every doll or movie in the couch before sitting down. Here there are some pictures (between 1995-1997).

I always had that grumpy face, but my brother was always smiling!

Merry Christmas!

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