Love U U Chapel & Huts

The Love U U Chapel and Huts in Lang Tengah Island is made famous by the Chinese movie “Love U U – 夏日樂悠悠”.

The chapel and huts were built exclusively for the movie set of “Love U U” in the summer of 2011. They were then left on the island after the movie’s shooting. And these provided the perfect location for LOMO shooting afterwards. ;)

The unexpected double
The bridge connecting the island to the Love U U Chapel

The Love U U Chapel was originally built for a wedding scene in the movie. The public can now rent it for their own wedding ceremony as well!

It’s a chapel on the sea, isn’t it cool by having a wedding on the sea, feeling the winds from the South China Sea, hearing the sounds made by the waves, exposing yourself to the tropical sun, and weather, while exchanging your wedding vows with the most important person in your life?

Looking out from the chapel
Inside the chapel
Looking into the chapel from the deck. :)
You could see many fishes or even feed the fishes on the deck!

The Love U U Huts were a bar and a chalet by the sea in the movie set.

The Love U U Hut

However, they were left abandoned now. I feel the efforts put in by the workers in building the huts were a bit wasted, I personally feel that the management of the island should make full use of the huts. Nevertheless, they are good spots for lomographing too.

In front of the hut on a sunny day!

I’m sure you’re gonna love this place!:)

Credits: lihooi

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