A Slow Paced Life is the Most Analogue Experience

We are always busy: busy for our daily work and overcrowded during holidays. Wouldn’t it be better if everything just slowed down?

Since we’ll always be busy, why not find a place or a shop and lay back for a few hours, quietly enjoying life? Have a talk with your inner self, read a book, relax your mind and think of nothing—aren’t these blessings in life too? Are you exhausted now? Then slow down your pace; taking a break regularly is a way of living too.

‘Slow Life’, has eventually become a philosophy of life to the modern world: to have freedom after a busy day, to achieve the saying ‘rest to walk a longer journey’, to let ourselves allocate more time for people around us, as interacting with them is also an art of life.

Learn to interact with every object around you, and you may realize something unexpected. Take a picture of whatever in your mind that you hope to record down, it’s not only a picture, but also a way to communicate with the world.

A picture does not speak, but it freezes a moment you’ve seen before, and will bring you the reminiscence and feelings of yesterdays. Isn’t it amazing? After a few years, when you browse through these pictures again, wouldn’t you remember or even be brought back to the same old place? Be sure to collect these images in your head!

Having a stressful life? It’s time to take a rest, and treat yourself something good! Go to a relaxing place, bring along your Lomography cameras, and record all the feelings and affections around you onto films.

written by cheryle on 2011-12-08 #lifestyle #travel #analogue #life #lomo #lomography #lca #relaxed #analogue-lifestyle #slow-paced
translated by yapfl

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