Bringing Lomography to Your School


As it is our last year in high school, a couple of my friends and I decided to start a Lomography club at school. The result? New friends, new experiences, and loads of analogue fun!

Since the first time I was introduced to this amazing world of Lomography, I always had the urge to re-introduce Lomography to friends. And of course, they all loved the imperfect results and the element of surprise. So one day, we all thought: why not drag the entire school community in?

The idea of a Lomography club came to us in the middle of a math class (yes to procrastination), and so we started planning and writing proposals to the school. Fortunately, the teachers liked the idea very much (they were supportive of bringing analogue photography back!) and so our club started. Initially, we only had 5 members, who are all my close friends, but then we decided to advertise the club to the rest of the school community. Initially, we thought no one will join (so much for positive thinking!), because we thought the cameras might be a bit pricey for starters, but instead, after making a presentation on cameras and the resulting pictures, we received an overwhelming number of interested students!

Pictures taken by our little group on our first project, Exploring Lomography.

The club officially started with newcomers filling 80% of the club. It was challenging at first as we had to ‘train’ the newcomers on using their weapon of choice, but it was rewarding to us as we got to familiarize ourselves with different Lomo cameras. Shortly after, the newcomers picked up the habit and started having loads of fun. We did multiple projects which sometimes involved other members of the school, and posted our shots on a notice board for everyone to see. The response? Well, everybody loved it and of course I’m very pleased of the club members’ works, especially the newcomers, and I was really happy to hear that they will continue clicking away.

Second project: Faces of School Dwellers.

From this experience, I have learned tons of new knowledge about Lomography. I had extra bits of fun at school and of course made new, amazing friends. So, why not introduce this amazing lifestyle to your environment?

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  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Ngeliat foto candy shop jadi inget Kate Nash. Senangnya berada di negara sejuta musisi briliant =)

  2. meitads
    meitads ·

    @hervinsyah : iya juga yah.. Sayang kantong kurang mendukung untuk nonton konser2 nih hehehe

  3. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    @meitads : Wah, mahal yah? Btw kalo yg Reading festival itu bukannya murah, kan banyak artisnya? Aaah, jadi pengen nonton The Libertines reunion T-T maap saya selalu banyak ngetik hal2 yang ga ada hubungannya dengan artikel

  4. meitads
    meitads ·

    @hervinsyah : iya kalo reading festival masih terjangkau hehe cuma sayangnya adanya pas Summer, dan tahun ini kayaknya saya bakal di Jakarta.. haha. mas Hervinsyah ke Singapura aja, ada Laneway festival lineupnya juga suka bagus2 :)

  5. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    @meitads : Wahaha, jadi surat-menyurat, oke, trims infonya =)

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