Your Favorite Fall Colors x SNAP! Magazine Rumble Winners Announcement


We have checked out all the wonderful photographs that captured the most colorful autumn memories! Thank you for sharing with us your favorite fall colors! Winners have been profiled on the SNAP! Magazine.

photo via mafiosa

Contestants were to share with us their most colorful analogue photo that captures their favorite autumn day!! It was a chance to win our favorite colorful cameras such as: Fisheye in vibrant orange OR Diana Mini in twilight blue OR Diana F+ in buttercup.

Check out all the beautiful photos that were submitted on our Your Favorite Fall Colors x SNAP! Magazine Rumble.

Congratulations to our 3 winners! We would specially like congratulate Mafiosa for the winning photo! Check out all the other winner’s photos on SNAP! Magazine.

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  1. welland
    welland ·

    Could of warned me its NSFW! For anyone clicking on the link there is also a photo of a naked lady. The admin lady behind me was loving that.

  2. lighttomysoul
    lighttomysoul ·

    none of the pics look "autumny" though!

  3. cc-in-paris
    cc-in-paris ·

    congrats to all. @mafiosa: great pic!!

  4. thecheekyscamp
    thecheekyscamp ·

    did i misunderstand 'Fall colours'..?

  5. zoezo
    zoezo ·

    I agree with @lighttomysoul

  6. adzfar
    adzfar ·

    Btw, congrats :)

  7. cpolpa
    cpolpa ·

    congrats to all. @mafiosa: great pic!!

  8. pzjo
    pzjo ·

    hmmm Not so autumnal really! But congrats all the same

  9. ck_berlin
    ck_berlin ·

    My fall pictures are better....

  10. lighttomysoul
    lighttomysoul ·

    @thecheekyscamp looks like we both did!

  11. bongofury
    bongofury ·

    Fall colors ???
    Anyway congrats to all

  12. badjuju
    badjuju ·

    Congrats to winners. But yeah I was really excited about this one. What a joke.

  13. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    Where is fall? Or fail?

  14. undiscovered
    undiscovered ·

    I clearly misunderstood "fall colours", nevertheless congratulations to the winners

  15. iidiko
    iidiko ·


  16. freyaramoana
    freyaramoana ·

    i agree, that is not what i think of fall colors... bur nevertheless, congrats

  17. mafiosa
    mafiosa ·

    Thank you so much for picking my photo, and congrats to the other winners. I am surprised at the comments by @lighttomysoul @thecheekyscamp @zoezo @mephisto19 @freyaramoana and @undiscovered. How are these not "Fall Colours"? The photo was actually taken in the fall.

  18. thecheekyscamp
    thecheekyscamp ·

    @mafiosa - sorry if i've caused offence; i didn't mean anything against your photo (congrats btw) but i understood that the idea was to submit photos which contained fall (autumnal) colours which i would class as reds, yellows, rusty browns... not to submit photos which were taken in the fall regardless of colour composition. This is what i meant by i must have misunderstood.

  19. lighttomysoul
    lighttomysoul ·

    @mafiosa - what @thecheekyscamp just said. I didn't mean any personal offence to your picture or the others, I just don't think they look very "autumn" like. Autumn for me is red and yellow leaves littering the streets and covering the streets, dark and rich colours, and with a sort of everyone taking a deep breath because here we go into winter again.

    if it could've just been a pic taken in autumn, then maybe I would've submitted something else. I don't understand how a truck between two buildings breathes autumn and that's not a personal attack, I just don't get how that's autumn? I don't get an autumn feeling from any of the pics.

  20. ali55
    ali55 ·

    Congrats @mafiosa lovely photo:)

  21. volker-jp
    volker-jp ·

    congrats to all!

  22. freyaramoana
    freyaramoana ·

    @mafiosa I am sorry if you felt offended, I am not talking about your picture anyway. I just can say I agree with @lighttomysoul. I was talking about the truck etc. <3

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