Analogue Events: Weegee in Vienna

WestLicht is currently presenting the first retrospective of Weegee’s work in Vienna. Until February 12th, 2012, visitors will be able to enjoy an exhibition of approximately 250 original vintage prints by the photographer born in 1899.

© WEEGEE/ICP, around 1936 Their first murder via westlicht

Weegee loved capturing people who stood there gawking. He’d get up close and blind them with his flash. Unlike other documentary photographers, he often set aside traffic accidents, fires and other catastrophes. Rather, he often gave his back to all that and made note of what the onlookers reactions and facial expressions. As can be seen in some of the images below, his photographs are very much a witness to the everyday reality of the urban working classes of New York during the mid- 20th century.

© WEEGEE/ICP, around 1939 Brooklyn, victims of a fire via westlicht

© WEEGEE/ICP, around 1937 Summer at the Lower East Side via westlicht

Born, Usher Fellig, Weegee inspired many famous artists, including Stanley Kubrick, Diane Arbus, and Andy Warhol. His images were frequently published in popular tabloid newspapers of the time and these in turn provide us today with a very important historic document in terms of how he approached street photography.

© WEEGEE/ICP, around 1939 “New York is a friendly town” via westlicht

© WEEGEE/ICP, around 1940 Concert in Harlem via"==westlicht ==":

During the exhibition, WestLicht is also presenting a selection of books including Naked City, Weegee’s first publication. Published in 1945, it quickly developed into a photographic sensation. Still today it is one of the most influential photographic books dealing with the New York of the time.

Weegee: A retrospective 1932-1960, is open at WestLicht. Schauplatz für Fotografie, Westbahnstr. 40, A-1070 Vienna until February 12th 2012.

For further info, you may visit WestLicht.

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