Lomo Kino Presents: Cinematography, an Introduction

Though, today, ‘Cinematography’ is interchangeable with videography (which is for digitally captured video as opposed to the former), this article is about the true Cinematography in which the videos are obtained using film stock.

The following are a list of features found and used in Cinematography.


You all know a thing or two about color-effect filters. The film below isn’t necessarily shot using filters but the sharp colors could be gained, if your natural settings aren’t ideal, by using color gels. Try inserting a color gel behind the lens when you have your Lomo Kino open, loading film. Or, the more common option, tape a filter or two or, as many as you can fit, side by side on the front end and experiment and let the right color find its way on your film!


Camera Movement

Here is a list of the more popular, and easy to execute, types of movement:

  • Pan – A horizontal movement, left to right, or vice versa (see example video below).
  • Follow – The subject is followed by the camera, the speed and distance remaining constant.
  • Tilt – A vertical movement, left to right, or vice versa.

For additional techniques, we recommend reading the more concise list: Cinematic techniques.

Pan – Example


With the Lomo Kino, a close-up or zoom is possible by pressing the close-up button for shots up to 0.6m, on the front of the camera, while turning the advancing crank.


The Lomo Kino has a “hot-shoe that can be used with Lomography flashes such as Fritz the Blitz and other strobes.” However when you are out in the open, during the day, seek the Sun as it’s the ultimate light source and the one that will give optimum results!

Just check out how the golden rays of sunshine play upon the children’s heads and radiate off the bubbles in this video filmed at a Lomo Kino workshop in Tokyo.

LomoKino Workshop movie by participants #2

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