Port of Valencia

One of the largest seaports in the Mediterranean Sea. The Port of Valencia is the largest Spanish seaport and one of the largest seaports in the Mediterranean Sea basin. Here, there are 15,000 employees who provide service to more than 7,500 ships every year.

The history of the Port of Valencia began in 1483 when King Ferdinand the Catholic granted Antoni Joan the privilege of building a wooden bridge on the beach of the Grao district called Pont de Fusta.

From 1483 until the 19th century, various construction projects were built in the port, but because of the periodic flooding of the Turia River and the continual movements of sand on the beach the port wasn’t very successful. But traffic increased constantly and the king granted trading privileges with other kingdoms and states in 1679 and for the Americas in 1791 with Valencia becoming the sixth maritime province in Spain.

The Port of Valencia is in the direct area of influence that encompasses a radius of 350 km, which generates 51 percent of Spain’s GDP and includes half the entire working population of the country. The port has a quay length of 12km and a total storage area of 300 acres (1.2 km2).

Along with its direct use it also hosts various events, such as a tapas festival, Formula One, America’s Cup Port and many others. Port nightlife in Valencia is very seasonal. Most of the places use open-air spaces (roofs, gardens, terraces) as their trump card and, naturally, lose them when the summer is over. The area is best enjoyed from June to August, and is almost not worth it between November and April, although if you are staying here and can’t be bothered to go anywhere else, you will still find a party.

The nightlife here is split between two small clusters – the more traditional beach area and the new modern, trendy port. The new America’s Cup Port area is mainly a place for classy cocktails. Las Dockas is a huge and very popular nightclub and the nights at the Estrella Damm Lounge are also quite abuzz. The Port has become a very cosmopolitan addition to Valencia, with many foreigners mingling with the locals. It also has a very relaxed attitude – just about the only place in Valencia where you can have a drink wearing sandals.

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