PYHOF: Remembering George Harrison


This week, the world paid tribute to George Harrison who passed away a decade ago. For today’s PYHOF, here’s a playlist showcasing some of the Quiet Beatle’s finest work.

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WHO: George Harrison

Whenever The Beatles is mentioned, it’s always the Lennon-McCartney tandem that is often recognized, but perhaps George Harrison liked it that way. He’s the most laid back of the Fab Four, earning him the nickname “The Quiet Beatle”; people were drawn to him just the same. His good looks and mysterious aura certainly played a part, but most importantly, it was his beautifully-crafted songs that made us swoon.

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“I Need You”


“Here Comes the Sun”

“My Sweet Lord”

Recently, award-winning director Martin Scorsese created George Harrison: Living in the Material World – a peek into George Harrison’s musical and spiritual life.

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    George is my favourite Beatle :)

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