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Exercise equipment back in the day looked very different from all the exercise equipment that we have available today. Let’s take a look at some photos of these vintage contraptions.

photo via Retronaut

Men and women go to the gym to get rid of unwanted weight, tone their muscles or just to improve their overall health. Nowadays we have all sorts of tools and equipment that we can use for fitness purposes. Back then, they had big contraptions that they used for exercising.

These big metal contraptions are said to imitate the movements of natural activity. Some of them are made for cardiovascular activity while others are geared towards toning specific parts of the body. Gustav Zander was the inventor of these machines. He was a physician in Stockholm and he had his apparatus in his institute, which many consider as the first gym. He usually treated men and children in his institute where he dealt with their physical impairments caused by accidents or hard work. First he fixed their impairments and then he worked with them to strengthen their bodies.

The photos shown here illustrate how the devices are used. They were photos for Gustav Zander’s advertisements for his body contraptions. These were built in the 1890’s and by the 1930’s, his big machines became obsolete as they were replaced with smaller exercise mechanisms. Imagine having to use one of these when you exercise!

Here are more photos of Gustav Zander’s equipment:

photos via Retronaut

Information for this article was taken from Cabinet Magazine.

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