T-Max P3200: Kodak's Fastest Film


The best of the best, the T-MAX 3200 Professional B/W film is Kodak’s fastest. Read more about this high-speed film and take a look at some of its photos after the jump.

Kodak TMAX 3200 is an ultra-speed black and white film, ideal for fast action and low light photography. It’s great for night time, sport, or indoor architectural applications where flash photography is not allowed. This is a genuine high speed film with an ability to record highlight detail that sets it apart from other films. This unique film has many strengths, most notably its liberating high speed, unobtrusive grain structure and its unsurpassed tonality.

So it’s the fastest film available on the market, perfect to be pushed or pulled for as many ISO settings as you can think of (I read on some website that it can be pushed up to 25000 ISO!) even though purists are saying that ISO 800 is the nominal speed of this film.

So I bought one, waited for night to come, and started taking photos. It’s a film perfect to use in any environment, with any camera. I used an iPhone app to get the proper exposure shutter speed and aperture, because my light meter won’t work. I shot this 3200 film as a 1600 ISO one and got it developed as a 3200 ISO film.

I find the grain okay and many pictures are ridiculously beautiful. I also must point out that TMAX 3200 is the perfect film for noir pictures.

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  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    I really like your first shot and 8th shot of second group. You make me want to see if I have any of that film in the freezer.

  2. pvalyk
    pvalyk ·

    @neanderthalis go check it out. I love to shoot ultra fast films.

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