Paradise Not Lost: Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa

The first time I heard about Bellarocca, I immediately had it pinned on the must-visit places in my head. It’s this one humongous island rock and I wonder, how could rocks be any more beautiful than this? Truly, it lives up to its name – Bellarocca, which means beautiful rock.

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Inspired by the beauty of Santorini, the resort is like a miniature version of the Greek island. The dominantly white surface of the architecture blends well with the rich blue waters of the ocean and the stunning sunlight. You will get nothing short of a tan in Bellarocca, it’s definitely a location filled with sun, sand, and sea. So if you’re looking for a not-so-white and cold December, Bellarocca should definitely be among your options.

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The resort is more for the ones looking for a chill type of getaway. The island is quiet and definitely not crowded. Speaking from experience, we sometimes had the beach all to ourselves! If you want a more private getaway, I suggest going there on weekdays. Three days should be enough to soak up the Bellarocca experience.

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It is located in Marinduque, a short 40-minute flight away from the city of Manila. Currently, only ZestAir offers flights to the island. Upon landing, there’s a 30-minute road travel care of the resort’s service van and a 5-minute boat ride to the island itself. For direct access, the island also has a helipad for private helicopter landings.

A luxury resort, everything is clean, cozy, and first class. The staff does well in taking care of the people who come over. As budget-conscious travelers, my friends and I took advantage of a promo that almost cut the cost to 50%. There’s a lot of that going around in group buying websites in the Philippines so I personally suggest you take advantage of them!

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They have different kinds of accommodations ranging from the basic suites, to the 2-level apartment style Terazzas, and the house-like casas or villas (which come with your very own private infinity pool!). We took the Terazza, which suit us comfortably.

For food, they have their own restaurant with lunch and dinner buffets. And the cocktails should definitely not be missed.

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Lazy afternoons can be spent in their library, billiards room, or in their spa treatment room. Since a lot of couples flock over there for their wedding, honeymoon, or prenuptial shoot, one of their spa treatment rooms is specifically designed for couples. They also provide other services that can be found in their website

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My friends and I didn’t come there for a romantic experience, but we enjoyed it just as much. It was an awesome 3-day adventure (play and relaxation combined) for us. We enjoyed the complimentary use of kayaking, snorkeling, and windsurfing equipment. They also have jet skis, banana boats, and Hobiecat sails.

A big, beautiful tree standing on the golf course has been used as a location for the exchange of wedding vows.

If you’re into golf, they have a wicked golf course across the island. All you have to do is ask and they will take you there for free. Whether or not you play golf, the golf course is a must visit because it has one of the most amazing views of the island.

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And we couldn’t help it – everything was so beautiful that we had to take lots of photos. The island was a recipe for extremely lovely photos. A true LomoLocation indeed.

Wake up with the sunlight and this amazing mountain view.
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My favorite would have to be the clear blue waters and the mountain view; even when you’re just wading through the swimming pool and not on the beach area. A beautiful rock, indeed.

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