Malaysian Community Personality Guide #2: lihooi and Her Fisheye No. 2


With our wide variety of Lomographic cameras, let’s check out which one draws the most attention and love from our selected Malaysian community members! This time, lihooi – a Masters Student from Malaysia – share with us her Lomographic journey with her favorite camera in relation to her personality, along with a selection of her favorite shots.

Photo by lihooi

Name: Li Hooi
Age: 26
Occupation: Masters Student
Location: Malaysia/Belgium/Sweden/Scotland
Lomohome: lihooi

Tell us something about yourself.
“So tell me, where do you come from?” “I’m from Malaysia!” “…” moments of awkward silence.. This is what usually happens when I tell someone where do I come from. People need to know more about Malaysia! We have good sun, nice beaches, yummy food, etc but most importantly great people! Lomography Malaysia is doing a good job promoting Malaysia! Am I running out of topic? But that’s me! I’m quirky and sometimes unpredictable! Just like a Lomography camera!

How many Lomographic cameras do you have in your collection?
I have my Fisheye No.2 White first, then I got myself my first LC-A+, following by my Diana Mini White (i love white!) and Instax Mini 7s. Recently added a new Horizon Perfekt (still struggling with it though) and Fisheye Hello Kitty (too adorable to resist!). Planning to get LC-Wide and La Sardina too and last but not least LomoKino. FOR SURE!

Since you are a film camera fanatic, why Fisheye No.2 is your favorite among all?
I love pictures taken by my Fisheye No.2. I don’t have to be creative or artistic to take a good picture, it just does all the work for me! I’m so flattered whenever people tell me that the pictures taken by me are awesome! (Of course, I share my secret with them! The future is definitely analogue!) Also I love my Fisheye because I’ve influenced at least 6-7 of my friends to get into Lomography just by my Fisheye shots!

Photo by lihooi

Describe the Fisheye No.2 in 5 words.
Quirky, Unpredictable, Charm, Supreme, Loyal.

Which of your own Lomographic shot taken by ""Fisheye No. 2": is your favorite and why?
I had no idea why the picture appeared to be blurry but that’s why I love it! That was taken under the Eiffel Tower, and it was my first visit in Europe. I told myself that I have to come back again and here I am!

Photo by lihooi

The world’s greatest compact Fisheye camera is back in white! The Fisheye No. 2 White has a 170-degree wide-angle view, bulb setting for multiple exposures, and a hotshoe. See all the Fisheye No. 2 colours and designs here!

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  1. adzfar
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    I adore your work! Very nice :)

  2. lihooi
    lihooi ·

    thanks @eva_eva and @adzfar!!!

  3. 86john
    86john ·

    nice. @lihooi and @eva_eva

  4. 86john
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    @lihooi you not from belgium meh? hahaha

  5. cutebun
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    Awesome @lihooi ! When can I meet u over at KK? XD

  6. neanderthalis
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    I like following your travels

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