Back to the Olden Days with Lomography B&W 100 120

My first roll of 120 film ever was the Lomography B&W 100 120.

My first lomography camera was the Diana F+. But I’ve always used her with the 35mm Back. I finally ordered myself some 120 film and chose to start with black and white. My film of choice? Lomography B&W 100 120.

The film was easy to load and I had no trouble seeing the numbers through my Diana’s number window. It was so fun to shoot and I loved the results. The photos are very grainy and have that “olden time” feel to them.

I love the black and white saturation too. There wasn’t so much grey as there was black and white. This film worked great with my concrete theme, but I could see this working well for dark portraits that are well lit. And by well lit, I mean you have bright sunlight as your light source. This film is 100 ISO and will not pick up light where there is none. As you can see, some of my photos were really underexposed:

But that was my fault for not waiting for a sunny day. I got impatient and tried shooting this film indoors and outdoors on a cloudy day.

I would probably recommend this for one of your more dreary photoshoots. It definitely would be useful to have around for creepy subjects! I can’t wait to experiment with this some more.

The Lomography Black & White 100 120 provides very nice contrast and an amazing texture. A truly classic black & white film, it gives amazing results in almost every light condition. See our selection of Lomography films here.

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