Adventures of a PR Girl in Canada, Part 2!

We have caught up with Karine Delage, Toronto’s PR girl, who we met last time. She shared with us her experiences as she took around our Lomography Cameras. Recently, she got back from her trip to Halifax using the Sprocket Rocket and a pack of the Lady Grey B&W 400 35mm!

Please tell us about your trip in Halifax.

I was in Halifax for the Teen Now Talk conference; I was invited along with Nicole and Mike to speak to teens. We met with several teens that were asking us question about what we do and how we got to where we are. We also judged a talent competition.

How was the experience using the Sprocket Rocket?

The Sprocket Rocket is simply amazing. It’s easy to use and brings you back to the love of the old school camera using the Lady Grey B&W film

Favorite places to visit in Halifax?

It was all of our first time in Halifax, so any of the places that we went to was so different. But I think that my favorite place have to be Peggy’s Cove. Its simply beautiful and no word can explain it.

Have you met any interesting people while you were there?

We met several teens that where so interesting and that want to learn so much. This makes one realize that sometimes we tend to forget how important is the younger generation. Also, how they can work really hard. I met several people that want to work in PR and had tons of questions for me, I felt good because I was able to help them in a way.

How is it like working with Nicole Holness from MTV and Mike Bradwell from the Toronto Argonauts?

Nicole and Mike are amazing persons. They are real people who love to be part of the community and share their life stories with people.

Are they interested in analogue photography as well?

When I showed them the camera they were really intrigued, and they both mentioned that they would love to try different models. They were surprise how light the Sprocket Rocket is, and how easy it is to use it.

If you can take a photograph of any Canadian Celebrities you’ve met, who would it be and why?

That’s a good question. I don’t think I would have one, but it would be great to do like a collage of bunch of people. It might sound weird but I don’t have a name that comes to my mind. I already took one in the past that made a big impact for me. Being from Montreal, I love Hockey and I had to work with Patrick Roy the day of his son Jonathan Roy album launch in Toronto. Honestly, that was big for me.

Describe your dream photo in Halifax

I think I need to go back to Peggy’s Cove during the high wave time. It’s something that everyone needs to see at least once in their life.

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