LomoPeople Malaysia: My Auntie and Uncle

Thanks for your caring and your love, my auntie and uncle. The two of you are the best auntie and uncle that I met ever.

Uncle and auntie, you helped me countless times whenever I am facing any obstacles. Thank you for caring, and for helping me settle and complete everything that I forgot to do.

I am blessed that my uncle and auntie love me and care about me so much in a way that I never expected, so much more than I could ever imagine. Uncle and auntie, you are so caring, maybe the two of you never know that you are the best uncle and auntie that I have. Yes, it’s true! Thanks for enriching my life, letting me know that high expectations are not necessary to get more, and that perhaps, there are times when you’ll get more for not expecting much.

I appreciate what I have now. I cherish the two of you for giving me sweet memories and happiness. God bless the two of you. Stay healthy and be happy. You let me live in the peaceful place that I need not worry about what unfortunate events might happen soon. Thanks for all your forgiveness.

written by gladys on 2011-12-11 #lifestyle #malaysia #love #uncle #lomography #article #auntie #analogue-lifestyle #caring #lomopeople #gladys

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