LomoPeople Malaysia: Qayyum Qadri

2011-12-10 1

What do you expected with kids while he or she in front of you camera? Kids are adorable, and one of the source of inspiration with their innocent expression.

Credits: adzfar

I do like my nephew named Qayyum Qadri or QQ, a three-year-old kid. He is very active kid and sometimes very naughty.

QQ has a talented for using a digital camera. The first time I saw him handling his Mom’s camera, I was very nervous and scared because I didn’t want him to throw out the device. But, luckily he knew how to switch on the camera and even capture the photos.

Besides, every weekend, I bring QQ to have a look in front of my house. He will become active once he sees me holding my Lomography camera. I will ask him favors to do some poses in front of my camera. Without any compromise, he will do what I ask.

Credits: adzfar

QQ is my inspiration and the only kid model that I have right now. I believe in the future, he will appreciate all my analogue photos and I am willing to teach him anything about Lomography.

For my plan or wish for next year, I decided to buy QQ the Fisher Price Kid Tough Camera or any toy camera that suits him. I hope QQ will become more inspired in photography world.

Image from Rachel Devine

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