LomoPeople: Aziluz

My love for Lomography grows even deeper when I meet my best buddy at one of the preparatory colleges in my hometown. Keeping me company for almost every ‘Lomography outing’ while in college, Aziluz has taught me a lot of things about analogue photography. She is the best LOMO teacher!

I knew her from a friend of mine, who is also an analogue lover. At first, I thought that she was still new to Lomography, but I finally found that she is one of the best Lomographer in town. She now has a Smena 8M Oktomat, Fisheye 2 and a Polaroid Land.

Since I am still new, she has been my teacher until now. She taught me a lot about the composition of pictures, the aperture, and also the basic things about analogue photography. She even bought me a few rolls of film. That’s how nice she is. Apart from that, she also has been giving me advice on which camera that I should buy or should not buy, because she knows almost all the pros and cons regarding Lomography cameras.

A few months ago, we went to National Zoo for an event with our local Lomography community, the Lomorangers. Aziluz was the first person to tell me and she invited me to join in. I was shy for the reason that I was still new at that time and I am not as good in taking pictures as those who might come to the event. She then encourage me to get rid of my pessimism and start to gain more confidence. She said the people are nice and will be willing to help out and answer any questions that I may have. I was convinced and joined the event.

Since then, my passion in Lomography had grown even stronger. She has made me feel more confident in taking pictures and do not afraid to make mistakes. After all, it is Lomography, where people experiment with pictures.

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