Top Analogue Toys!


In the spirit of the season and the lifestyle we promote, here are 5 truly analogue toys. 2 of them aren’t even manufactured! Can you add your own favorites to our list?

Credits: jblaze823

Cardboard Tube

Probably the most versatile of those on the list. The cardboard tube, most commonly appearing at a location near you as a ‘toilet roll’, is the material of choice in school projects and by Lomographers! Read DIY Filter Holder for the Diana Mini for a fun, cardboard tube, tipster!

A charming creation I’ve encountered on a tabletop recently was an 'Advent Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Tree'. Perfect to stuff small gifts, lay chocolates and little notes in! And, why not experiment with different shapes to match different occasions to enjoy this project year round!

Credits: hanibale


Out of all varieties, the most popular is likely the ‘wooden stick’. The classier way of addressing a tree branch, this generational, age-old (and we mean since the dawn of time), play thing is a source of entertainment that comes at no cost and be used to almost any end, should your imagination prove intact!

Be warned though, if you aren’t apt at wielding a stick we advise not trying to use it in play combat! There are many skilled sticksmen, masquerading as children, about!

Also, sticks are used in many traditions in dances and in games. One popular example is Tinikling – the national dance of the Philippines. Dancers, quick on their feet, quickly step or jump between two large bamboo poles to a rhythm set by two others holding the sticks on each side who perform by banging them against the ground an moving them in an open and shut motion. The bamboo pole dance is also found elsewhere, such as in China where it is a traditional dance of the Li ethnic group.

Credits: lakandula

Cardboard Box

Boxes often fall into your lap and need not be purchased. Though, if you long for one during times when mail is scarce they aren’t expensive and as they are quite durable will last through many tumbles, stretches and being flattened!

A worthy item to build your fort with to protect against those wooden sticks! Or, if you fear you may have outgrown this activity, fashion one for your token ‘bring-along child’ (think events such as trick-or-treating), after all they gain a fancy castle!

Credits: miss_lisa


Tangled-up in a game involving string? How appropriate!

It’s winter and the question “what should I get them this year” has been surfacing at regular intervals. You whip out a ball of yarn and think you’ll kit that perfect scarf your friend will grin from ear to ear when opening and, conveniently be warm from ear to ear after wrapping themselves in. But, this is sometimes too tricky to manage and too short a time before Christmas to produce, so what happens to your half-finished, holy owing to many dropped stitches, square of wool?

Well, should you decide to liberate the string waiting to be unraveled and played with, you can have a ball with it, pun intended! Cat's Cradle is one popular string game.

Credits: apophisv


Do I need to spill the dirt on dirt? Come now…you might not find my commentary constructive as when it comes to ways of playing with dirt it’s “to each his own”.

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