New Magazine Series: First Impressions


We all have something to tell about our first encounters (or re-encounters) and lessons with analogue photography. For this, we believe that a new magazine series dedicated for these first impressions is in order. Curious? Allow us to give you an idea on what to expect for this incoming series!

Do you still remember your first analogue camera—how you discovered it, how it seemed to call out to you from behind the glass cabinet (or from the Lomography Shop, even!), how it felt on your hands once you finally had it? What about your first film and the first time you loaded it (whether for the very first time or the first time in years)? Do you still remember the first few photos you took, the ones you loved, and the ones you loathed?

Credits: mairafridman

More often than not, these first impressions did not only spark a long love affair with film cameras, but also taught us little lessons for taking good, memorable photos. A community such as ours must be brimming with stories of analogue firsts, so we thought, why not let them be told in a new series for the Magazine? Aptly called First Impressions, this brand-new series will be housed in the Reviews section, and is scheduled to kick-off very soon!

Credits: 0live

What can you expect from this series? Well, for the first few installments, you’ll get to read insights from the newest members of our community, then we’ll move on to the more seasoned ones as the series progresses. We’ll let our featured members tell you about their first analogue gear, their first favorite and least favorite snapshots, and the little lessons they’ve come across so far in their analogue journey!

Are you excited to meet the newbies and read about their firsts? Remember to keep an eye out on the Reviews section for the first installment of First Impressions!

written by plasticpopsicle on 2011-12-02 #news

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    Are all of these comments spam? Craziness! Anyway, sounds like a fantastic series, especially for newer Lomographers.

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    wtf look at all this spam!! @lsi do something! nice idea for the section though!

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