A Guide on Photographing Girls


When I said ‘when you photograph girls’, I am not referring to girl friends you have known for long, but girls you have never met before but wish to photograph them. There are quite a few things we need to remember so that both parties would feel comfortable shooting together.

Credits: evon_t

First of all, if you are contacting a new girl through social networks or even on the streets, please be sure that you convey the message in clear manner. Communication is the most important and remember to state the purpose of the photoshoot (for commercial use or non-commercial use) and how you are going to use the photos (personal portfolio, websites, print etc.) You might need to get her to sign a model release form to protect both parties.

Discuss the concept, location or styling with the girl you want to work with. Ensure that she is comfortable with the concept you propose, or better still, propose a concept that she is thrilled to work on as well. The enthusiasm will surely be a big plus to the photos. The location should be safe for the model to change and dress up. If you are new to the location as well, ask your friend or the model’s friend to tag along.

Before the photoshoot, get your cameras, films and equipment well prepared. I would suggest it is always better to prepare more than you should. This happened to me just recently, I planned to shoot my model, Yuriko with Diana Mini and then I was hesitating if I should bring my La Sardina too as I thought I wouldn’t use it for the shoot later. Thank godIi changed my mind to bring it along because the film sprockets broke and got stuck in my Diana Mini and I only managed to shoot ten frames. Now the La Sardina is truly my saviour!

During the photoshoot, try to make your model feel relaxed and get into the mood that you wanna achieve in the photos. Not all girls are comfortable being in front of cameras like professional models, it is your task to the break the ice as you might be still a stranger for them. Crack a few jokes or have a little chit chat before or during the photoshoot. That would be helpful.

Credits: evon_t

After the photoshoot is done, make sure that you give the soft copies of the photos or even payment if that is what you guys agreed on. Get feedback from them on what should you improve on the photos or the way you conduct the photoshoots, their responses might be totally out of your expectation and you could learn so much from there. All in all, remember to have fun!

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  1. adzfar
    adzfar ·

    Nice tip :P

  2. cutebun
    cutebun ·

    Awesome photos and useful tips!

  3. gvelasco
    gvelasco ·

    Good tips.

  4. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    Very useful :)

  5. jurquidi
    jurquidi ·

    Courtesy and respect are very important. You handled this well (though I would avoid the "up the nose" shots if possible - picture #6). :)

  6. disasterarea
    disasterarea ·

    Great article :)
    I'd also like to add...

    When you start shooting, keep talking. A lot of photographers when they get behind the camera go completely quiet which can be a bit un-nerving for the model. Also, your model is expecting you to direct them...even if they're experienced. So dont be afraid to tell them what you want.

  7. lomoloula
    lomoloula ·

    Good tips, but surely these apply to everyone and not just "girls"? Lots of boy models out there too.... Just saying! : )

  8. evon_t
    evon_t ·

    @disasterarea yep! that's right!! ;)

  9. eva_eva
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    lovely gallery! ;)

  10. welland
    welland ·

    Good article, slightly sexist though!

  11. masfoto
    masfoto ·

    Respect and honesty makes a good shot!!

  12. masfoto
    masfoto ·

    or even a Lomographic masterpiece

  13. irvoneil
    irvoneil ·

    Good, straightforward tips, and I enjoyed the photographs. The girl in the glasses has an amazing face that you captured beautifully!

  14. evon_t
    evon_t ·

    @irvoniel That's me actually XD thankiu for the compliments!

  15. niko_fuzzy
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    thanks for the tips. :)

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    ^^ good tips Thxxx

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