Knockout Shots That'll Pack a Punch!


Try out this quick and easy tipster that would spice up your photos with colour and contrast, making it even more unpredictable than before! Juxstapose two images in a unique way by double exposing your film with two completely different images!

The aim of this experiment is to overlay a primary image (scene) with a secondary image (subject). The secondary image would be that inside the holes/circles, where the primary image would be the negative space surrounding the holes/circles (the bigger area). I used my LC-Wide for this, but I’m sure it can be adjusted to any camera!

What you’ll need:

  • Paper puncher
  • Carboard
  • Sellotape/ masking tape

Step 1: Cut out a piece of cardboard that would fit exactly over/inside the camera lens like a mask.
Step 2: Punch the desired amount of holes into the mask.
Step 3: Tape the edges of the mask to the camera.
Step 4: Load the film.
Step 5: Shoot the entire roll of film. (Tip: The first exposure to the film will be where the holes are, therefore try to shoot something colourful or a textured surface which will add contrast to the final image).
Step 6: Rewind the film (Remember not to rewind the film completely so that you can reload it into the camera)
Step 7: Remove the mask.
Step 8: Reload the film.
Step 9: Shoot the entire role of film. (Tip: The second exposure will fill up the negative space around the holes which is generally the bigger area, so now you can focus on a more prominent scene or subject.)
Step 10: Rewind the film and develop and prepared to be amazed! :)

Extra Tip: Don’t be scared to experiment even more! Afterwards I boiled my film in dishwashing water for about 5min which resulted into radical colours and stains! Enjoy! :)

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written by rjk_89 on 2011-12-02 #gear #tutorials #holes #punch #mask #tipster #double-exposed #juxtaposition #hand-craft


  1. colinusmaximus
    colinusmaximus ·

    amazing tipster with even more amazing results ... truely inspiring !! will defs be trying this out ;)

  2. novakmisi
    novakmisi ·

    great idea and tipster !!!

  3. pandaisdead
    pandaisdead ·


  4. courtneygawthorp8193
    courtneygawthorp8193 ·

    Does anyone know a good way of knowing when you're reaching the end of your film so that it doesn't get sucked back into the canister when you rewind?

  5. ginny
    ginny ·


  6. rjk_89
    rjk_89 ·

    @courtneygawthorp8193 That's a good question! Depending on which camera you use, if you rewind your film slowly and carefully, you can actually hear when the film releases from the little hooks on the film spool! Stop rewinding immediately and then it should be safe to open! But I would love to know if anyone uses a more effective method? Glad you guys are enjoying the tipster! :)

  7. twinklecat
    twinklecat ·

    When you say you boiled your film in water, you do it after you've exposed the roll and while it's still in its reel, right? How do you make sure it's dry before you have it processed? Maybe you could take it all out and let it dry in a dark room overnight... What's your recommendation?

  8. rjk_89
    rjk_89 ·

    @twinklecat Yeah i boiled my film after I've exposed it, and I left it in the reel while it was being boiled. I boiled it for about 5 to 8 min and then I took it into a darkroom, took the film out, let it dry for about 3 hours and then I rolled the film back, left it over night, and the next day I just blowdried it for about 10min. Then it should be fine to develop :)

  9. twinklecat
    twinklecat ·

    Thanks! I'll try it as soon as I can!

  10. hypocrispy
    hypocrispy ·

    I wonder if it's actually okay if you used the mask infront of the lens of the camera instead of putting it inside the camera itself, no?

  11. rjk_89
    rjk_89 ·

    @hypocrispy I guess it depends on which camera you use, but it's the same concept so I'm pretty sure it will work :)

  12. hypocrispy
    hypocrispy ·

    I'm using a Diana Mini and pretty much a very big newbie, but anyway amazing pictures so good I shed thug tears.

  13. appelmoes
    appelmoes ·

    I want to try! It looks amazing! :-)

  14. welland
    welland ·

    Good work

  15. dearjme
    dearjme ·

    Also, key tip to getting those psychedelic results -- use slide film and xpro :P

  16. foxypoxy3
    foxypoxy3 ·

    Holy Crap that is such a great idea!!!

  17. ihave2pillows
    ihave2pillows ·

    great doubles!

  18. feelux
    feelux ·

    Awesome results! good job!

  19. beryljane
    beryljane ·

    Every lomographer must try this! Now if only I have mastered doing doubles. (I still couldn't get the exposure right.)

  20. rjk_89
    rjk_89 ·

    Wow guys! Thanx so much for the great response :) This is my very first tipster! Glad you guys enjoyed it :) More fun tipsters to follow soon!

  21. volker-jp
    volker-jp ·

    great one! Thank you for sharing!

  22. reminator
    reminator ·

    Wow, this looks very cool, I'll try it!

  23. lomolover16
    lomolover16 ·

    LOVE IT! I can't wait to try this out

  24. thethingamajig
    thethingamajig ·

    omg this is soooo exciting!

  25. carlota_nonnumquam
    carlota_nonnumquam ·

    Amazing tipster! I'm so going to try it on my next roll of film!

  26. alburnkat
    alburnkat ·

    @rjk_89 Just upload a new album inspired by your tipster if you'd like to check it out. The name of the the album is I See Stars. Thanks for sharing this great idea.

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