LomoKino Presents: Cinema Loves Series

Works of art – how to present them? This is a question many artists ask themselves when conceptualizing their creations. Throughout history the Artist has used ‘numbered series’ such as ‘the sequel’ and ‘the trilogy’ to present their, often larger and more extensive, works.

Sequels and Trilogies are the more popular choices on the list of chronologies which include: Tetralogy/Quadrilogy (4), Pentalogy (5), Hexalogy (6), Heptalogy (7), Octalogy (8), Ennealogy (9), Decalogy (10), More than ten, More than twenty.

Some of our very own LomoKinographers have pioneered series such as director drakumm with LomoKino – Cows & Aliens and its sequel, LomoKino – Cows & Aliens (The After Math)! We can only assume a certain recent Science fiction Western had something to do with it!

LomoKino – Cows & Aliens
✘ Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/32127097

Notice anything supernatural in the above sequence? If so, we think you might be seeing things…

And the wait is over! Here’s part II:

LomoKino – Cows & Aliens (The After Math)
✘ Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/32494149

Though these shorts do not echo the often lengthy ‘epics’ traditionally found in film and literature, the constant advancement of technology brings more accessible and user friendly devices, such as with movie cameras, which allows for more experimentation, exciting results, and shifting norms!

What’s your favorite film series? Mine, hands down, is the Godfather Trilogy.

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