Getting Your Crazy Party Captured in Photos


Are you under the weather? Oh, pay attention or you’ll be left with ruined pictures and a broken camera after a great night, instead of a bunch of crazy party pictures. There are a thousand mistakes to be made. And I’ve made them all. With a tiny bit of concentration, accidents can be prevented and the party will be captured on beautiful (more or less) photographs forever.

Tip # 1: Load the film at home.
At home you’re still able to concentrate and the light is much better there. If you’re shooting at night, choose a fast film. I recommend Lomography Color Negative 400 for your medium format camera.

Tip # 2: Take care of your camera.
Your camera does not like to be soaked in drinks and she won’t be too pleased being dropped. If you’re too worried about your dear camera, take out a disposable camera instead. So worst case your pictures will be gone.

Tip # 3: Never forget to take off the lens cap.
Keep your camera in position, awesome moments can appear instantly and they fade rapidly. And when you try to capture that exact moment excitedly, just don’t forget to take off the lid. I’ve had far too many blank shots. That’s too annoying!

Tip # 4: Don’t change the film foggy-brained.
You’ve exposed the whole roll. Now you want to change the film. The night’s just begun and so many photo moments are waiting for you. And zaaack! You forgot to rewind your film. Back opened, ruined film. Oops! And probably you’re ruining the next film, because you’re too drunk to load it correctly.

Tip # 5: And finally: Have fun and show this in your photographs

written by juliettete on 2012-02-15 #gear #tutorials #party #people #night #tips #tipster #lomography #holga #fisheye #analogue-lifestyle
translated by wolkers


  1. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    Eheh, great article!

  2. giuli
    giuli ·

    hahaha funny article indeed! things like rewinding and loading film the proper way can turn into IMPOSSIBLE tasks during a wild party :P

  3. sin-titulo
    sin-titulo ·

    great tips! party pics are just too cool to miss

  4. willes
    willes ·

    Nice article! Loading your camera while being intoxicated sure isn't something I recommend, haha. Last time I spilled my beer over my film, almost ruining my camera in the process.

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