Re-Cap of Hollywood Nights in a Flash! Workshop at the Lomography Gallery Store LA

The Lomography Gallery Store LA hosted this very unique workshop that introduced all our Lomography Flashes and how to adapt them to different situations!

The streets of Hollywood were ablaze with the Ringflash, the Diana F+ Flash, the La Sardina Fritz the Blitz Flash and the Colorsplash Flash during this enlightening workshop! Participants got to grab the camera and flash of their choice as they painted the streets different colors. Everyone looked good in reds, yellows, and blues!

This Diana+ Flash retains the authentic hallmarks of the original – a dual metal-pin attachment and a glowing ready light. Its “Diana Plug” attaches directly to the camera and fully syncs the flash to the shutter. Included gel filters allow you to splash a burst of coloured light at your subject – day or night! Get your very own Diana F+ Flash.

The Lomography Ringflash is the most amazing electronic flash you’ll ever encounter. It completely surrounds your lens and throws a burst of perfectly even light onto your subject. Don’t wait to experience this – get your own at the Shop now!

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