NYC: The 'King Kong' Building

The Empire State Building is undeniably one of the ‘must-see’ parts of New York City. For my family however, who kept getting confused with all the landmarks (“I think Macy’s is near The Eiffel Tower”, etc) it became, on our holiday, known as The ‘King Kong’ building instead

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Whatever phrase you use to describe this enormous architectural feat of engineering, you have to admit, it is super impressive and well worth a trip. Standing tall on the corner of E 34th and 5th streets, you can see this building from miles around. I won’t bore you to death with details but for anyone who finds it hard to comprehend just how tall this place is – it is over 440 metres high (including the spire).

View of the Empire State taken from the viewing platform at Rockefeller Centre

My 18-year-old cousin who was particularly confused about all the things we had on our itinerary started calling this the ‘King Kong’ building, as a reference to the movie, where a giant ape climbs up this building carrying an actress (somehow I have made this great film sound rubbish there, sorry) with whom he is somewhat infatuated. The people running the building now have used this to their advantage and there are King Kong memorabilia at every turn! We got a combo ticket for this attraction, which gives access to something called the NY Skyride before you go to the top. The NY Skyride is basically a huge simulator where you fly all over NYC in various modes of transport (and I use the words ‘modes of transport’ loosely here). The movie is narrated by Kevin Bacon and although it is pretty old now (it still features the WTC as it was) it was a right laugh. Also buying tickets for this meant that you could queue jump to go up to the top which was ace.

Some photos from inside, as sadly we weren’t allowed to take them on the Skyride

Then of course you go to the viewing platform at the top of the Empire State Building and this is a magnificent view of everything below you and makes a perfect place to shoot all the other skyscrapers. Luckily, we went on a very sunny morning so you could see for miles and miles (you can actually see five different states on a day like that!). It also felt a lot less busy than the Top of the Rock where we had been to the day before, so that was also a bonus for getting good shots. A trip to NYC wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Empire State so book your places now!

Credits: kneehigh85

More info about the building can be found on Wikipedia or on the official site and to purchase the exciting combo ticket as described above you can visit

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