Searching for Twin Photos Part II


I’m still sharing my compilation of other users’ photos that are twins of my own photos. I haven’t found the exact twin photos yet, but I know I will achieve it! But for he moment, I’m finding some of them that are very alike.

Credits: deprofundis

In Spanish, we call portholes on ships “Ojo de buey” (Ox eye). So if “ox-eyes” are on ships across the ocean, let’s take fisheyes to the stables!

Credits: deprofundis & biscuitface

The key for taking photos with a Fisheye camera is approaching as near as you can; snouts are really photogenic this way.

Credits: deprofundis & sara_tijeras

Christmas is coming and town streets are full of decorations. Days are shorter and colorful lights at streets are telling us: “Buy something, spend your money…” But I admit that I love walking under Christmas lights.

Credits: deprofundis

These days, I’ve got two multi-lensed cameras but I don’t really take many shots with them because I think they are ideal only for outdoors with stuff in motion. A child’s birthday party? Perfect. There are lots of kids running, jumping, fighting, falling down and swinging.

Credits: deprofundis & b0rn2b1ush

These kind of cameras are also perfect for visiting a theme-park. Of course, it´s better to see wild animals in their natural habitat than in a zoo. Although, we have to admit that it’s easier to take photos of them when they are trained.

Credits: deprofundis & lomobrigida

Finally, I want to say thanks to the following Lomographers for letting me share their shots:

biscuitface, ==sara_tijeras,sonya1980==, b0rn2b1ush, and lomobrigida

You can also read about my first set of twin photos here!

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