December 23rd Only - Save 10% on the Diana F+ Glow in the Dark

Dim the lights and treat yourself to the phosphorescent delights of the Diana F+ Glow in the Dark! Today you can pick up the camera for a 10% discount; just use the Code 10OFF10 when you reach the Checkout!

Credits: satomi

The Diana F+ Glow in the Dark is a camera which makes a big statement whether it’s shining bright or pitch black. She was born to light up those holiday parties and late-night get-togethers. Today you can get 10% off the Glow in the Dark Edition by using the Voucher Code 10OFF10 at the Checkout – Head to the Shop and brighten up your holidays with this Diana delight today!

More about the Diana F+

The Diana F+ Glow in the Dark captures the same dreamy, lo-fi, medium format images as the original Diana F+. Born to shine, just warm her up under strong lights and watch her glow! See her with the rest of the Diana Clones here!

written by tomas_bates on 2011-12-23 #news #offer #diana-glow #advent-calendar-2011

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