By the Decade: Toys From the 1970's


We’ve seen some toys from the 1950’s and 1960’s. Now it’s time to go back and look at some of the toys that were released in the 1970’s!

Atari VC 2600
The Atari is a game console that was released in 1977 by Atari, Inc. The entire game unit was sold for $199. Included in the package were 2 joysticks, the game console and a game cartridge. A few years after its launch, the Atari console was considered as one of the best-selling Christmas gifts. The production of the Atari game system was discontinued in 1992.

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Smash Up Derby
The toy company, Kenner Products, launched the Smash Up Derby toys in 1970. One set came with 2 cars with detachable parts (wheels and bumpers), and a rip-cord that would allow the cars to move when pulled. The ramps were also included in the set so it was easier for kids to play derby-style!

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Charlie’s Angels Dolls
Charlie’s Angels was a television series that premiered in 1976. The show tackles the adventures of 3 private investigators who work for an agency. A few years after the shows debut, the toy company Hasbro released Charlie’s Angels dolls. Each doll stood a little over 12 inches tall. These dolls are considered collector’s items for fans of the show.

Connect Four
This logic game was first released in 1974. The game set consists of discs in 2 colors and a grid. Two players take turns inserting their discs on the grid. The player who gets to form 4 discs vertically, diagonally or horizontally the most times wins. This game was not only enjoyed by kids, but by adults as well.

NERF Balls
NERF (Non-Expanding Recreational Foam) Balls became popular throughout the 1970’s. The toy is made of a spongy material that makes it safe to play indoors. It was a good marketing strategy to introduce it as the ’world’s first official indoor ball’ since there is no risk or breaking household items or hurting people while playing. On its first year of production, over 4 million units were sold.

Do you remember playing with these toys? What other toys do you remember from the 1970’s? Tell us your favourite Christmas presents that you got as children with a comment below! Information for this article was taken from Wikipedia - Atari, Toys You Had and Doll Reference

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