Lighthouses in Iceland: Reykjanes


In Lomography’s community I am known as Lighthouse Keeperess. I suspect it’s not a big secret or surprise that I like, or should I say, love lighthouses. I want to share or even, infect you with my love. I will present you 11 lighthouses, which are in the Reykjanes area.

Let’s start with the lighthouses which are in Reykjavik. In the first photo is Reykjavik’s newborn. It was built this year in the harbor, where cruise ships moor. In the second and third photos are the main harbor lighthouses.

The place in the photos below is called “Grótta”. It is an island, but when the tide is low, it is reachable by foot. It is one of the most beautiful places in Reykjavik. The lighthouse is called Gróttuviti and it was built in 1947. Because of the nesting birds, the island is closed between the 1st of May and the 1st of July.

Gerðistangaviti was built in 1918. I have never come close to this lighthouse. I need to pass some private land to reach it, but I’ve never found the owner at home. Hopefully one day I will. Every time I go there, local horses greet me.

The next lighthouse is called Vatnsnesviti and is situated in the town called Keflavik. It was built in 1921.

Hólmsbergsviti is one of my favorite lighthouses. It was built in 1956. Beautiful cliffs and meadows surround it. It was really disappointing when one company started a factory construction there.

Next two are brothers. They are both called Garðskagaviti. The old one and the new one. The old one was built in 1897 and was known as the best lighthouse in Iceland.

The new Garðskagaviti lighthouse is much taller and it was built in year 1944. There is a museum just a few meters away where you can get the keys and check the Garðskagaviti lighthouses inside or even go to the top.

The lighthouse below is Stafnesviti. It was built in 1925.

Next lighthouse is very special. It’s called Reykjanesviti and was built in 1908. Whole area is extremely beautiful. This photo was taken on the cliff where the last scene of Sigur Rós Glósóli was filmed.

Last, but not least is Hópsnesviti. It was built in 1928 and is situated in a beautiful peninsula. Horses and sheep reign there over the summer.

There are 104 lighthouses in Iceland. I have visited half of them. They saved ships and men for many years. It is sad that every lighthouse is automated now and the profession of lighthouse keeper is no longer needed.

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  1. lereile
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    i really love your articles and photos!! the music in your country is the best!!! thanks for this!! i'm really looking forward to visiting your lovely iceland and its lighthouses soon!

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    Excellent post. 10/10.

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    awesome article! congrats.

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    Those lighthouses are some great colors

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    Those are some nice lighthouses. I love the colors!

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    I really hope to visit Iceland some time.

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    I love Sigur Ros!!!

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    Thank you for the lovely comments and likes ♥

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    ...I think I got infected by the lighthouse virus.... great article! Thanx for sharing!

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    i wanna go there!!! :)

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    beautiful pictures and text was obviously written with love:)

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    As if it was not enough to be totaly amazed by your pics and stories, I have discovered a new band thanks to you ! They will have a place of choice in my playlist the day I will land in Iceland !

    And same thing here, everything is automated unfortunatly. Men should know for the sake of beauty and human feelings: "humanity", when it's needed to say no to the machine in order to preserve their connection with, with...

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    Great pictures and story

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