Great View at Keppel Bay with LC-A+ and Fisheye


Went to Keppel Bay for brunch with my GF at a restaurant called Prive and the view there was awesome. Especially under the bright sunshine, the boats in the water just seem so much more irresistible! I just love to take photos of the boats, water, the bridges, and most of all, my girlfriend. =)

Me and my girlfriend heard about a nice restaurant called Prive at Keppel Bay and the view there was awesome. So we decided to have a nice brunch over there. True enough, the view was great and the food was nice! After our meal, i couldn’t resist taking out my Fisheye and LC-A+ and started snapping away.

I used Afga CT ISO 100 film for my LC-A+ and the effect turned out very nice. =) I am so gonna use slide films in future. The photos turned out pretty nice with a blue-ish tone. I had fun with the MX button on my LC-A+ too.

Me and my GF took some self-portraits but it seems that the contrast is quite great that’s why the LC-A light meter didn’t function so well. We ended up with silhouettes of our faces instead, so in the future, I will overexpose to achieve a nicer picture.

My Fisheye compact!
I totally enjoyed myself that day. =)

Love that place! Definitely gonna go back there with my GF another day!

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  1. ihave2pillows
    ihave2pillows ·

    lol now we can see what she's thinking in her head :)

  2. pepperoniii
    pepperoniii ·

    hahahha :)

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