My Favorite Roll: Fuji Velvia 100

Fujifilm Velvia surprised me. When I first started taking photos with rolls of slides, I tried several different rolls, among them was Velvia. When I saw the results of the pictures I had taken with this special roll, I realized that I liked it a lot and just fell in love with this slide—its color and texture.

Everytime I go to take pictures or go for a ride somewhere, I always try to bring with me a roll of Fuji Velvia 100. Although there is another roll in my camera or my backpack, I never miss one of these. At first, I end up returning to my house because I decided to take photos with other rolls, but eventually I regretted it because I felt that something was missing. So, my new rule is to always carry with me a roll of Velvia.

One of the things that I love about this stuff is because you get some awesome colors. I find that this slide film is ideal for landscapes, as well as beaches, fields, people or objects.

One day, I went out for a walk with my whole family on the beach. I took pictures of my nephews and everything else that I liked. It was on this occasion that I fell in love with this slide film. Here are the results:

For best effect I noticed that it requires much light, performing best on a sunny day. This is why I find that taking photos while out for a walk on a sunny day is perfect for this film.

If we add the effect generated by switching the ISO, the results will be much better. When I refer to changing the ISO, I mean using a higher ISO, such as 200 for an ISO 100 film. This can be done in cameras where adjusting the ISO is allowed, such as the LC-A +. As a result, one will get photos with softer tones and saturation.

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Fuji Velvia is world-famous as the most saturated slide film that you can buy. Shoot this on a bright day and develop it normally, and the results will knock you head over arse. When crossed-processed, it gives you that wild Fuji green-blue colour shift that we absolutely love. See the whole range of colour slides in our Shop.

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