From Famous to Infamous: Tim Allen's Mug Shot


For the final installment of From Famous to Infamous, the spotlight is on the mug shot of seasoned Hollywood actor Tim Allen. Quite an interesting celebrity addition for this series, don’t you think, as he notably starred in several Christmas movies and voiced several animated films!

Although he is best known for his award-winning performances in wholesome, lighthearted movies and television series (such as the Santa Clause film series, Toy Story film series, and Home Improvement), Hollywood actor Tim Allen had some serious law offenses in the past. Allen, who started out as a comedian prior to scoring his first film and television stints, wasn’t able to humor his way out of arrests, charges, trials, and jail time.

Photo via Audio Asylum

In October 1978, Allen had his first run-in with the police, when he and an accomplice were apprehended in the Battle Creek International Airport in Kalamazoo, Michigan. They had 1.4 pounds of cocaine in their possession, which could have warranted him a life imprisonment sentence. However, since he agreed to testify against his accomplice, the actor-comedian was given a lower sentence. He did not contest against the charge in 1979, and was sentenced to 3-7 years imprisonment, but served only 28 months in a federal prison in Sandstone, Minnesota.

Allen was again arrested in 1997 in Bloomfield Township, Michigan for driving under the influence. Police spotted him maneuvering his 1988 Ferrari at 70 miles per hour, exceeding the 40 miles per hour limit of the zone. When asked for his license or registration, the actor was not able to do so, and also exhibited the tell-tale signs of a DUI offender: shakiness, reeking of alcohol, and failure in a series of sobriety tests. His breathalyzer test also registered an alcohol level of 0.15, over the 0.10 limit set by the state of Michigan. He was taken to the police station and was released after his lawyer bailed him out. The actor pleaded guilty to the charge, for which he was ordered to pay a fine, spend a year on probation, and undergo counseling for alcohol abuse.

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Information for this article was taken from Absolute Now, Absolute Celebrities, and Tim Allen on Wikipedia.

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