Pinhole Master: Wayne Belger


Wayne Belger is a California native who takes stunning pinhole photographs. Apart from the amazing photos that he produces, the pinhole cameras that he uses can be considered works of art themselves. Read more about this artistic genius and his works.

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The images that are produced by Wayne Belger using his pinhole cameras are truly breathtaking. For him, pinhole photography can be compared to a movie with only one frame. The images are not manipulated, thus giving a perfect representation of the moment when the exposure is taking place. He creates his own pinhole cameras using various common materials, such as titanium, copper and aluminum, and other unusual items such as an old altar, a bible, pearls, sea creatures and even blood. Each pinhole camera is designed for shooting a specific theme like underwater shoots, pregnant women, and children.

photos via Boy of Blue

The creation of each camera has an inspiration. For instance, one of the pinhole cameras that he made was inspired by a friend who has the HIV virus. He named the camera ‘Untouchable’. Another camera, the ‘Dragonfly’, was made as an altar to a little girl who died when he was still working as an investigator. For Wayne Belger, each camera has a purpose and meaning, just like the photos that come out of them.

Wayne Belger’s photos can be intensely haunting. Each of the photos tell a story — in one frame. Take a look at some of his works:

photos via Boy of Blue

To view more of Wayne Belger’s photos, visit Boy of Blue Industries - The Art of Wayne Martin Belger. Information for this article was taken from Alarm Press.

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