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I learned more about this beautiful country during my last vacation. The idea was to visit a part of the Mayan ruins although I ended up appreciating the appeal of Colombia as well. As this country is known for its vivid color, the first thing I packed was my LC-A and my films, I could not miss this opportunity to capture all these landscapes and colors.

So every time I went for a walk, the first thing I made sure to bring was my LC-A, I must admit I love it! It’s my daughter!

Antigua is the former capital of Guatemala. In 1773, due to an earthquake, the people migrated to what is now the capital, Guatemala City. The days spent in this city I saw a lot of different things, from volcanoes to Holy Week processions. Among other things, climbed the Pacaya Volcano, which had a rash if you remember last year (27/05/2010).

One Sunday, we woke up very early to go in search of the famous processions of flower carpets. The procession was formed by men who wore purple clothes and were carrying Jesus, and the women wore black dresses for Mary and they went on the carpet of flowers and sawdust that were building up on the streets.

Tikal is a Mayan reserve, known for its large impressive structures, most notably for its pyramids! Here are some of them…

To sum it up, I am glad I brought my LC-A, as it provided me with a lot of beautiful pictures that serve as my treasured mementos.

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  1. shrista
    shrista ·

    I LOVE Guatemala. One of my favorite places in the world.

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