Family Click Hunting Trips


Can one camera make a relationship better? It can if it’s a plastic camera. One camera changed my life and helps me raise a creative kid. See how we live in NYC and don’t go absolutely broke having a good time as a family.

When I say “click trip,” my daughter gets all excited and will do anything to go out and get her shots. I’m absolutely thrilled; it’s easy to encourage her to be creative. (Boy, is she ever!) She’s a flurry of red glitter shoes and pink plastic sunglasses armed with my Holga 120S, usually.

I’m a disabled woman in the NJ/NY area, and when I found out that I was pregnant, I was worried that I’d have such a problem relating to my daughter as she grew up. Not just because she could run and jump and dance, but because I was never really cool I am always home. I was into zines, dolls, and music. That’d be cool when she got older, but it was tough to be able to play with her.

When I got into analogue photography, I found a Holga 120S. I felt so great, years of being told I couldn’t do photography were gone. I had freedom beyond writing for once. It was truly exciting. When my 2 year old daughter started going “Holga Holga.” I was eager to see what would happen, the first photos came out blurry but they’re my favorite.

Then we went to our first Lomography store, I took my daughter with me. It was like we went into a candy land of awesome toys that she just wanted to play with. The staff was great and encouraged my husband and I to let her try out the cameras. We spent hours there, and left with a Hello Kitty Fisheye.

It was supposed to be a gift to myself, but the joy in her eyes as she started taking pictures was amazing. She had played around with our digital at home, but it was always so impersonal: point, click, point, click. With the clickwheel on the Fisheye, it got everyone involved when it added a step she wasn’t used to.

Dad would help her with the clickwheel, remind her about the flash, and go over the technical workings of the camera. Mom (me) would encourage her to take pictures of things she wants to remember. We spent a whole role of film at lunch, just getting used to the Fisheye. It was an instant hit.

From there, analog has become a big part of our fun days out. I’ll have my Holga, she’ll have her Fisheye, and we’ll burn daylight taking pictures, even of each other when the mood hits. Some of my favorite shots are a bit blurry because we’re always in he middle of doing things, but it’s always worth it. Memories that we’ll have forever trapped on the negatives.

Fisheye One Hello Kitty takes the super colourful circular shots in 35mm. This special edition is a must-have for every fan of Sanrio’s feline icon, Hello Kitty. See it with the rest of our Fisheye cameras here!

written by musiekun on 2011-11-27 #lifestyle #kids #family #creativity #nyc #holga #budget-fun

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