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For this last installment of the stop-motion animation series, we’ll be tackling a feature from Aardman Studios entitled ‘Chicken Run’. Learn more about the story after the jump.

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Chicken Run is a stop-motion animation feature suited for the whole family. Set in 1961 England, the film tells the story of chickens and their attempt to escape the chicken farm where they feel like prisoners. Each chicken must produce a certain number of eggs in order to stay alive. One particular chicken, Ginger, has already tried escaping the farm but getting caught, much to her dismay. The owner of the chicken farm, Mrs. Tweedy, sees that she must increase profit to keep her farm afloat. Her solution is to create a machine that will produce chicken pies. Together, the chickens must device a plan in order to avoid ending up as chicken pies.

Chicken Run was created with clay puppets. The sets that were used were three dimensional to provide more texture to the scenes. No doubt, bringing life to clay chickens was no easy task. There were a total of 40 animators working together to bring movement to the characters in the film. Apart from that, they also had to work hard to come up with footage since a minute of screen time was equivalent to more or less 1,440 frames.

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Film Facts:

  • All the chickens in the film wore a scarf, collar or necklace not only to tell each character apart, but also to hide the seams connecting the heads to the bodies.
  • The feathers of the chickens were individually painted by hand.
  • Mel Gibson, who was the voice of Rocky, recorded his dialogue in the United States while all of the other characters recorded in the UK.
  • The names of the towns used in the film were all British WWII war planes.
  • The film was shot at 20 frames per second instead of the standard 24 frames per second.

Here’s a look at the film’s trailer:

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