Diana F+ Keychain: The Perfect Gift


Have you ever wondered what to do with that little Diana F+ keychain you got for free because of all the amazing camera stuff you purchased? Do you have someone special in your life? I do!

Some of you may be familiar with Have you seen Bob?

Well, Bob and I have a special bond, he goes everywhere with me; he is a great companion and photographic helper.

I wanted to give him something for all his troubles. (If you have ever seen my Bob, well… him and I have been through a lot. He’s missing a leg and has a fractured neck). Anyways, I searched high and low and then, as if from nowhere, appeared a Diana F+ keychain… It was a perfect gift for Bob! We now can go out and take photos together with our Diana!

If you have a special inanimate object in your life why not give them the gift of a Diana F+ (or Lubitel 166+, Fisheye 2, Lomo LC-A+) keychain to brighten their day!

Your favourite Lomographic cameras have been turned into miniature keychains! Use them as a conventional keychain, or let them dangle from your mobile phone, camera, or purse as a cool accessory! Lubitel 166+, LC-A+, Diana F+, and Fisheye No.2 keychains are available in the Lomography Online Shop.

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  1. domo-guy
    domo-guy ·

    Bob has a peg leg! Tis a pirate! :D

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